Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Field Day

Today was an incredible witness to the blessings that God has poured out on to this ministry. We had a record number of members from the community show up to field day today, topping the record number of people from last week. Who knows what next week will have in store for us. Today we had Alyona Semenov, who is a local photographer here in Charleston, take family portraits of the the people in the community. We will be getting these printed later in the week and giving out a free 8x10 to all those who came today. I will post up the images on our website as well as make another blog posting this week once we have the prints in.

We cooked out BBQ chicken and hot dogs today along with having lots of sides such as potato salad and cole slaw. We served up 20lbs of chicken and 80 hot dogs. Thanks to the city of North Charleston the members of the community were able to enjoy their food on two new picnic tables that were donated to the field by the city. They are currently building more tables for our use and hopefully after seeing the pictures from the day they will see that they will certainly go to good use.

Today was a special blessing as we had a member from the community step forward to lead the worship session for today's field day as well as another member from the community step forward to do some poetry. There were many different testimonies from the community today and thanks for our presence and loving hearts serving to better their neighborhood. I will leave some of those for our other volunteers to post. I would like to draw your attention to the photos on the blog and to the difference in them. One shows what field day looked like a little less then a year ago. The other shows what today looked liked. Through the power of God we are making an impact in this neighborhood in a mighty way.

More images from Family Field Day can be seen at

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Martha Martin August 23, 2009 at 4:29 PM  

The last two Saturdays have been amazing. It is crazy to think that that first picture was taken less then a year ago. The most exciting thing about this weekend was that two members of the community part in the lesson. We had a guy lead worship and another man do some spoken word. And Last week the kids took part in telling the story. We are seeing community members take an interest in teaching and sharing with one another! Praise Jesus!

Anonymous,  August 23, 2009 at 8:52 PM  

Three Saturdays before i left to go to Ohio. I realized how things effected me on this trip. I realized i was going to miss out on TI2TS , one weekend. Before i left I got to go door to door to get more family member's that had kids or grandchildren to come out to just join our fellowship our food and just having fun playing flag football, capture the flag, baseball, kickball whatever we had plan for that day!
Going door to door made me realize how much it felt like going to the bomas in Africa. I felt so welcomed. Michael Laycock and I went to this wonderful old ladies house and it was just amazing to hear her come out of no where and say that we are truly a big blessing to these kids and these families. She said i get my grandchildren to come out every Saturday to come out and play. They love being around us and having fun with not only strangers but Gods loving Strangers . She was so happy that this block that we had set up three years ago has been transformed to an enormous land of God. You can see the bright smile fill the air as we kept talking. How we had the resume building and all the new things that are happening. I see her every week sitting on her porch and yelling over to us and worshipping our lord!!!
She has put a band-aid on my heart that once was broken and now my heart is healed by the love that she has seen!!!!

God shows up in a mighty way every week. But we may never know how we are impacting these amazing young beautiful kids unless we reach out and grab ahold of them.

I love my Lord and God has provided so many obstacles in my life and i have been thru many of them to receive the glory of God!!!

Thank you so much


Anonymous,  August 24, 2009 at 10:10 AM  

I really enjoyed talking to the kids on Saturday about their first week at school. All them said that they liked their teachers and said they were really nice. Some of TI2TS volunteers are teachers, and I think it is important that we help encourage them throughout the school year because they have a great influence on these kids everyday. It was also good to see some of the parents and grandparents there for family day. I noticed one family in particular this week; it was Mikel, Sisco, and Shiron. Mikel is such a great big brother to Sisco, always serving him and making sure his little brother is always okay...even speaking for him because Sisco is shy.

- Matt

Anonymous,  August 24, 2009 at 10:42 AM  

It was such an amazing day this past Saturday. The outpour of kids and families, there are no words to describe. I seeing the kids faces as they were playing soccer and capture the flag. They were overjoyed. I remember I had stepped aside to watch a group of kids there in the park playing an interesting game of baseball, then they asked me to play along with them and they were all smiles. It was beautiful. You could see God moving.



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