Monday, August 17, 2009

Field Day - God brought the Neighborhood out in force

This past Saturday was nothing more then witnessing first hand the sheer force of God's power. This was our largest turn out yet for field day and it was incredible. Under normal circumstances we would not have had enough food to feed as many people that showed up, however God knows our needs even before we do. Miss Cheryl who goes to the Dream Center in North Charleston has been praying about the ability to get plugged in and helping out with kids. After talking with Noah Williams she volunteered to come out and help with field day and what a blessing she was. She brought trays of food with her from homemade chicken wings to some of the best green beans I have ever tasted. Through her help we were able to have enough food to feed every adult and child who came out to the field.

I talked with one man who lives a block over from where we set up each week and he was very excited about what we are doing in the neighborhood. He said "This is a great thing you guys are doing feeding these kids both physically and spiritually and for them both are equally important."

We had a great game of wiffleball for the kids while some of our volunteers spent time talking and praying with the parents who showed up. After lunch we broke the kids into groups and had a lesson about Moses leading his people out of Egypt where the kids acted out different scenes from the story. One of the parts of the day I will remember for a long time -
Kid playing Moses - "let my people go"
Kid playing Pharoh - "no....i....will....not....let.....your.....people....go" (giving great emphasis to each word)
Kid playing Moses - "let my poeple go you are a a bad king"


RIcky Barber,  August 17, 2009 at 12:48 PM  

Personally this was a great way to end the summer for me. I have spent every single saturday out there have watched this ministry explode into what it is now. Because of God's grace and support we are making a huge impact in these neighborhoods and I will continue to spread the word wherever I can because of being inspired by such great people of God.

Connor McIntyre August 19, 2009 at 6:51 AM  

Today was electric and awesome testament to god’s abundance. To see sixty plus kids playing in the rain (the most ever a field day) could only glue a smile on my face, and my heart calling to praise the king. If that wasn’t enough we had an unbelievable amount of food brought by Ms, Carol (Chicken, Mash Potatoes, Southern Rice and Green Beans) as well as bags and bags of donuts. It was really great to see how Rick and the team neighborhood fellowship really rocked the blocks this morning getting the work out about family day and how to new children responded (great job gang). Glory to god


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