Friday, August 14, 2009

More then I could ask or imagine

This playground was designed to be accessible ...

Quick back story. Couple of weeks ago I was telling my best friend how I had the closest thing to a vision that I had ever encountered. It was kind of like a waking dream. I saw the field somewhere in the future and in it were kids playing on a playground with parents sitting around on picnic tables and an abundance of life happening. It was a little bit more detailed then that but I did say quick. So anyway it has stuck with me for the last few weeks and I decided to see what it would take to make this vision become a reality. I called the mayors office.

On Thur I called them up and told them I was part of a non profit that wanted to see what we would have to do to go about raising money to build a playground at the field on Ferrara Drive. I was told that the person I needed to speak with was not in the office but they would take my name and number and give me a call back. I did not really give it much thought after that since I had a million things to work on and get ready for the weekend. Friday afternoon after a business meeting I got back to my desk to find a message waiting for me from the mayors office. I called back and was directed to the head of parks and recreation for North Charleston.

I really believe that this guy was more excited about helping out Take It To The Streets than I was about what he was talking about doing for us. (and believe me I was pretty excited) Come to find out he grew up off of Ranger Rd and is an active member of Northwoods Assembly of God. He was excited that there was a group of people working to improve the quality of life for people in this area. He offered is support more then I could have possible imagined. This coming week the city is going to put in 6-7 picnic tables in the field. They are also going to treat the field every week for fire ants. This is a huge blessing for those of us who do battle every week with this unrelenting army of biting machines. They will also be putting in two soccer goals in at the field. They are also donating kick balls, soccer balls, belts and flags for flag football, mesh jerseys, and a lot more sporting equipment. The city is also going to allocate grant money to go towards installing playground equipment at the field.

The ant treatment, picnic tables, and sporting equipment will be ready for us by the Family Field Day. God truly put his hand down and blessed this situation. I called to simply inquire about getting some information and received far more than I could have asked or imagined.


Martha Martin August 15, 2009 at 10:02 AM  

I am so excited about this. I feel like the we really are the Joshua generation and this park is the promised land!

Connor McIntyre August 15, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

Today was electric and awesome testament to god’s abundance. To see sixty plus kids playing in the rain (the most ever a field day) could only glue a smile on my face, and my heart calling to praise the king. If that wasn’t enough we had an unbelievable amount of food brought by Ms, Carol (Chicken, Mash Potatoes, Southern Rice and Green Beans) as well as bags and bags of donuts. It was really great to see how Rick and the team neighborhood fellowship really rocked the blocks this morning getting the work out about family day and how to new children responded (great job gang). Glory to god

Jesse August 16, 2009 at 5:40 AM  

As we cross our Jordan Rivers and go into our promised lands by faith God causes walls to fall down beneath our feet just like at the wall of Jericho. We simply must be obedient and be good stewards of our time and efforts. The fire ant treatment was a wall that was crushed because I know I have been bitten by those little monsters. I can't wait to see what God does as we get those picnic tables. It is a land of milk and honey that we haven't even seen yet and God brings Manna from heaven in the form of flag footballs and soccer goals to strengthen our relationships with the community and with the city leaders that God has put in place. Team let's never doubt what we can do together and let's stay open to accountability with each other. All I can say is praise Jesus for his grace and mercy and for allowing us to serve the KING and LORD! Woop woop! -J


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