Saturday, August 29, 2009

Field Day 08_29_09

Today's field day was great. We had it a little easy today compared to the last two weeks which was nice. It was a hot one out today so the slower pace was a nice reprieve from the two giant weekends in a row. The kids were given a nice treat today in the form of balloon animals. It was truly a blessing to watch as they lined up to receive their inflated versions of dogs or swords. Throughout the day we talked with kids about honesty and their definitions of truth with some very unique explanations of that term. The days bible verse was Proverbs 16:13 and the small groups played a game called two truths and a lie with the kids.

This week we walked around and handed out the family portraits that were taken last week. As I walked over to one of the houses with one of the kids he was beside himself to present this picture to his mom and dad. He parted with his balloon made sword so that he could carry his family's portrait home and give it to his parents. It was heart touching to the see the difference that a simple act of kindness in one person's life makes. The light that appeared in his eyes as well as his family's to receive this gift with no agenda other than sharing the love of Jesus of Christ was truly amazing to behold. I will let some of the others who were part of giving these gifts share their stories about the response they got as the dropped of the pictures to others and I still have a few left to give out and can not wait to share their responses.

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Unknown August 29, 2009 at 9:45 PM  

I dropped off a photo of a grandmother with her grandkids. The lady was so excited her face lid up and she was very thankful! She said that that is the best photo she has ever had taken of her with the grandkids. She also mentioned how much she loved what we were doing in the community and gave me a hug. That melted my heart I must have been smiling nonstop for like an hour afterwards. :)

Jesse August 29, 2009 at 11:02 PM  

I am witnessing first hand that when we serve others we become empowered supernaturally. A family moved to Rivers Avenue. When we first met them on the streets of Ranger Drive. The mom was walking down the streets with her three daughters pushing a shopping cart. We chose to see them as God sees them in light of the potential and the abundant life that God wants this family to have. After a year of outreach and seeing them and praying for the family we began giving them rides every Saturday to the field where the family at least received cooked food on a Saturday and were able to get out of the house for a little bit. Now they live off of Rivers Avenue and they had a car today. They came out, all three of them to serve and give anyone a ride if needed. God is amazing to see what God did in that families life and to see them through God's mighty power and from see the example of Christ's followers at Take IT TO THe STreets Minstry, coming and serving with only what's in their hands. -As a side not the couple is getting married and the husband wants me to be in their wedding.

I say I am am honored and I am blessed to be used by the King and to be a blessing to one of God's precious families!


Connor McIntyre August 30, 2009 at 4:44 AM  

This weekend it really hit me Jesus is the mortar in our relationships with these children. As soon as I pulled up to the field about 1:20 there was Terrance, JJ, Quantrel to greet me. They opened up my drivers side door and all jumped on me smiling, laughing it was crazy they were really happy to see me. While they were smothering me Terrance pulled down my window visor where I had a small clear plastic pouch and in there were Christian Tracks. On the cover of the tracks was a picture of Jesus adorn in a robe knitted with all the flags of the world. The kids all knew who it was and shouted that's JESUS! I said yep and began to show them his robe and explain to them that he was the King of Kings for all nations, and read them the verse that was on the back of the card John 3:16. They were so excited they wanted one for their moms. Praise Jesus!


Connor McIntyre August 30, 2009 at 12:37 PM  


I wanted to share with you all a great experience that I was able to witness today. This morning I was able to take Jalelo, CJ, Quan and Katera to the Dream Center for the 12:00 service. They were all excited Katera had her hair done up and the boys all behaved themselves. At the end of service I was picking them up from Kids Coast and saw them talking to an older boy in the hallway. Jalelo had a Mountain Dew that the older kid wanted in which he was trying to con him out of “I will trade you my Nike head band for your Mountain Dew”. Jalelo of course to smart for the older kid said no thanks. The older kid got mad and began to say some very terrible things to Jalelo about how he didn’t need the drink and about how Jalelo was poor and he could afford his Nike head band or his fresh pair of Jordans. At that very moment as the older boy was walking up the stairs twirling his head band it fell of his finger and landed right in front of CJ who without thinking about it gave it right back to the boy! I was blown away neither CJ or Jalelo responded in anger but responded with respect WOW! I was so proud of them I could stop praising them. At that moment I took the time to talk to the older boy about what he just witnessed how he didn’t deserve their response but it was given to him anyway. Group please never forget how precious Gods children are, or the work that God has called us to do. The children we see every weekend are in a dangerous place, they are ridiculed for where they come from the mistakes that there parents have made. Jesus is the only one who can protect them, there is nothing more important than that. I love you all and I know this is going to put many smiles on the volunteers faces, what you are doing is making a huge difference!


Jesse August 30, 2009 at 5:14 PM  

Amen to that Connor! Simply said Jesus has used us to be His hands and feet and I know that 4 months ago those kids would not have responded that way. We loved them and would not give up on them and because of that we are seeing the wonderful fruits of this Sunday morning.

Connor, I can tell that the heart of Jesus is firmly in you due to your insight into this momentous event. He is our rock and praise God for the revelations we are seeing. It truly takes a village to raise a child.



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