Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to School Bash

Tomorrow Take It To The Streets (TI2TS) will be partnering with Without Walls Ministry to help hand out school supplies and vouchers for school uniforms to children in need. We are meeting up at the field behind Alex's Restaurant off of Dorchester Road at 9 a.m to organize and pick up children from our outreach neighborhood. I talked with one of the parents this past Saturday explaining what we were doing this weekend and she was very excited. She told me that our ministry brings a much needed sense of hope to a neighborhood that is struggling in these uncertain times. The look on her face as she explained how much of a difference having help in getting school supplies and uniforms for her children would make to her and many other mothers like her, brought great joy to my heart. We are showing the love of Christ through our actions in giving of ourselves each week to those in need of love.

We look forward to seeing you all there. Come out and see the impact that one person partnered with one more person and so on and so on, can make in the city you live in. There will be food, music and games for the kids along with handing out school supplies and vouchers for school uniforms. The event runs from 10 a.m - 3 at Hampton Park in Downtown Charleston. I look forward to posting pictures and acounts of the days events early next week so stay tuned.
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Connor McIntyre August 8, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

Wow what an awesome day! I don’t know if this crossed anyone else’s mind or I am living in a bubble, but I had no idea that so many kids would otherwise go to school without school supplies - I mean no book bag no binders, crayons, no nothing! We had hundreds of kids at Hampton Park today! How can this be happening in America, kids not going to school with the things they need to learn with? What massage is sent to a child one his or her first day of school with no school supplies? How would other kids treat them? I really had no idea that this issues even existed, till today. When we got back I meet up with Terrance (a 8 year old awesome sweet child-who lives next to the field). He wasn’t able to come to the park today but we were able to bring a book bag overflowing with supplies to him. He was so excited when we came to the door, he invited us in to the house. He wanted to show me the school supplies that he already had, he was so proud of how he had them organized. The school supplies that he had was two 50 sheet spiral notebooks and three pens THAT WAS IT! They were sitting on his dresser perfectly arranged, obviously to signify there importance. He had no idea what was in the bag and I didn’t let him know that it was full (I thought it would be cooler for him to find out when we were gone). Terrance also wanted to show off his medal he just won at a book readying confidence he wore it with great pride. God is good – and I love Terrance to death! HOLY HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!


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