Saturday, September 5, 2009

Field Day 9/5/09

Today was an incredible field day, it is awesome to see the explosive growth that God has brought to this ministry. We had a lot of new faces today getting plugged in to volunteer and I want to thank all of the individuals who help make this ministry happen. It is amazing to see the the impact we are having in the lives of these children and community members. We must not grow weary of doing God's work. There is so much to be done yet he has brought us so far. It was mentioned today about how many teenagers live in this community and how they pretty much hang around and sell drugs and get in to trouble because they don't have much else to do. I would like to challenge our volunteers to think about ways that we can further engage the 13-18 crowd and impact their lives. Another need in the community has been presented to us, which is another opportunity to let God's light shine on these people.

One of the kids told me today at the end of field day that he was afraid of God because he was afraid of dieing. When I asked him why he thought he was going to die he said "Because I'm going to grow up and get shot because that's what happens here. You guys can't be here all the time to protect us." I tried to explain to him that the reason we were there was because God sent us and that he is with him even when we are not. It broke my heart to hear those words come from someone so young and yet it gave me hope. He already has more hope in his life because of the impact of Take It To The Streets. That hope is reflected over and over in the eyes of all the children who come out there, and now we have another opportunity to further foster that hope.

When I asked another kid if he was going to church tomorrow he said "yeah I'm going to your church". We have volunteer's who take time on Sunday morning to pick up family's and kids from this neighborhood and bring them to the Seacoast North Charleston campus. The campus however needs more help with Kidscoast and helping out with the kids. So we have some of the volunteers from TI2TS attending the 12:00 service to help out with Kidscoast and Nitro. If you would like to be a part of this just show up at the campus at 12 and we can get you plugged in. We have an opportunity to further enhance our witness to these children by letting them see us in church with them and being a part of their lives for another day of the week. Please feel free to post your comments about moments from today's outreach that really touched your heart to share with those who may not be volunteer's yet or to share with our other outreach partners.


Connor McIntyre September 5, 2009 at 6:11 PM  


I love this story because it is so true. We live in a broken and fallen world where each and everyone of us need the same thing “Jesus”. It pains me to hear how a child could be afraid of being shot. I, as you believe that God has sent us at this time, to this place, for his plan he will ransom all these children from danger and deliver a life filled with hope and faith. Glory to God in the highest our deliver is coming!

I wanted to share a story from today as well! After I had taken a few kids home I arrived to the field and saw one of our new volunteers talking to a few children and it looked like something may be wrong. I walked over and apparently two of the kids had been roughhousing which lead into a fight. I talked to one of the kids that seemed really mad and asked him to tell me what happened. He told me and I could see he was obviously very mad and I asked him what did he want from the other child, he said he didn’t want anything he just wanted to hit him back. I then asked well what do you think he will want to do? Do you think he will want to hit you, then how will you respond? I explained how this will only lead to the two of them being hurt and would solve nothing, plus he would still be mad. I said again what do you want from him…… He said well an apology! I then asked if he had hit his friend he said yes, so I said what does your friend want from you? At that time he ran off to his friend which I wasn’t sure what was going to happen because I still thought he was mad, much to my surprise he ran up stuck his hand out and said he was sorry. His friend did the same and Jesus was happy and so was I. It is amazing how children can so quickly understand Gods grace and apply it! Glory to God in the highest our deliver is coming!


Ricky Barber September 5, 2009 at 7:22 PM  

Amazing, amazing, amazing. I just wish with all my heart that I could be there every single weekend. But being so far away it will just have to wait until December. I love hearing about how God is helping these kids out with Take it to the Streets. It definitely shows that they are being changed and have realistic fears and are more human than many others trying to put up a different front. Keep up the good work y'all


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