Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Door is Open

TI2TS has been using the Jeannine Batten community center every other week as a meeting place before Neighborhood Fellowship. We received word that hey have decided to let us use the building for the launch of our mentorship program on Wednesday nights. The mentorship program will begin by meeting the children's educational and social needs. Please consider how you might volunteer to help tutor or lead a small group discussion on these evenings. These children need the constant presence of people who care about them if we want to see them succeed and end the cycle of poverty. We will also be holding the Word On The Streets Education Center Resume classes there, possibly on Monday or Tuesday nights.

Now that we have transportation we will again be able to bring in woman from My Sister's House to continue helping them find jobs and build resumes.

God continues to show us that we are on the right path as we make preparations for this new and exciting transition and growth time. Just yesterday we received word from Knology that they have agreed to donate Internet for the building for these programs. We will be using laptops and the Internet to help children with school work as well as adult students in the resume class. The Internet is a key factor in student success in this day and age. Thank you Knology for supporting us as we Take It To The Streets! The door is open for us to do some amazing things...

Sarah Harrelson

Central Administrator


Connor McIntyre September 19, 2009 at 8:34 AM  

Very Cool Undate!

Group, yesterday I talked with Knology a local internet provided and they are willing to provide free Wi Fi internet to the JB center (crazy cool). The storie gets better as they do Take It To The Streets style. The customer service director who was the one who autherized the free service agreement, as a young child attended the JB Center. She actualy know Jeannine Batten and this really poped my head, what are the chances.

Also I had the great opportunity to talk to the Vice Principle of the Burrns Elementry School, this also went incredibly well. As I was walking into the school several Take It To The Streets kids saw me and were yelling my name, I think they were really suprisied! Any way I shared with the Vice Principle our vision along with our after school program, which he is also getting ready to kick off pending grant funds. He was very excited to know that we had such an investment in the children. I shared with him some ideas that I had regarding Charlestons CIS (Community In School) mentor program. At this time we/verified volunteers will be permitted into the school during scheduled parts of the day to meet with the children. My idea was schedules permiting having lunch with the kids once a week (this is very easy for me since I work two miles away). I believe this will be a great oportunity to talk with the kids teachers and observe there sorrundings in an effort to custom taylor our mentor and field day teaching programs. Any volunteers that are interested in the great opportunity to invest in our youth please let me know.

With Christ Love



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