Sunday, March 21, 2010

Way FM Faith and Fun Night

On Saturday the 20th Take It To The Streets took some of the kids from our outreach neighborhood to Way FM's Faith and Fun Night at the North Charleston Coliseum. We got to see the Charleston Stingrays play some great hockey followed by an incredible concert by Group 1 Crew. For these kids it was the first hockey game they had ever seen. They quickly joined in with the crowd in cheering on the home team and taunting the away team. It was a small thing bringing the kids along with us as tickets were not that expensive but to them that arena could have been a million miles from their daily struggles in their neighborhood off of Dorchester Road.

After the concert was over Way FM brought out Group 1 Crew who rocked the house with a lot of songs from their new not yet released album. Between each song each band member gave testimony to where they came from and how God had brought them to where they are. Their testimony actually sparked conversation between the kids as they talked about coming from a broken home, not knowing their father, and growing up poor. All of these themes resonated with the kids as they listened to their words and yet saw these individuals talking about growing up this way yet where standing before them preforming on stage. No part of their story glorified the use of drugs and alcohol but rather gave glory to God. One of the things that even touched me was the true humility in which their testimonies were given and that like our kids this was the first hockey game these three had been to as well. Through the second half of the game Pablo one of the band members actually sat in the row right behind us to watch the game. The night was a great time of fellowship for our leaders and volunteers as well as certainly expanding the kids bubble allowing them to experience a piece of life that many take for granted.


Jesse,  March 21, 2010 at 3:33 PM  

I loved the Crew--those raps were awesoome!


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