Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neighborhood Revitalization

This weekend Neighborhood Revitalization lead by Bergen Hall put in hours of work clearing trees away from power lines and helping a family rediscover they had a backyard under all the dead leaves and tree branches. Neighborhood Revitalization is working to help give a community in need of hope a renewed sense of pride in their homes. Many of the individuals that live off of Ranger Road in Dorchester are single moms, disabled or elderly. They do not have the means or ability to do the normal upkeep on a home that helps to keep it in shape. You can not imagine the blessing it is for these people to feel the love from strangers who are willing to give of their time and themselves to help with basic yard work and home repair. It is truly a blessing both to them and the servants who live out "loving your neighbor as yourself".

We are still in need of volunteers who can come out and help us revitalize this neighborhood. On the first and third Saturday of each month from 9 - until we will be out in the community helping our neighbors. If you can give 1 day a month to help be a part of this growing ministry please contact us here. Just a few hours of your time, whatever you are capable of giving, can make a huge impact in the life of another.



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