Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Servicing the Community

This outreach was a special outreach because on this Saturday we had a full fledge service project where we cut down trees in Mrs. Alma’s yard, who lived on Ranger Drive. Mrs. Alma has always been encouraging to us since we began our Neighborhood Fellowship two years ago. Her husband accepted Jesus into his heart about 6 months before he died. He was such a joyous person. This past Saturday we saw the vision of true neighborhood fellowship come alive as two brothers Quan and Jahleel ages 8 and 9 volunteered to help us with Mrs. Alma’s yard. They truly enjoyed helping out. The bothers were able to walk around with a leaf blower and Quan got to use the chain saw, which he was very excited to do. They probably had never seen these tools before, but they trusted us and they served with their small Take It To The Streets shirts on.

These two brothers had been coming out to the field for a full year and they have been able to get closer to many of our volunteers. As Myself, Brooks, and Bergen worked the chain saw, pressure washer and extended saw, our two little brothers continued to help and they enjoyed every minute- they took a few breaks and we could see them being kids and jumping on the trailer as they said hi to guys walking by that they knew. I could tell that some of the guys walking were up to no good- maybe they were drug dealers. It does not really matter, because our two young volunteers had joy in their hearts as they served Jesus. What was very exciting was when Mrs. Alma saw the house and how it was pressure washed- all she could say was “God Bless” “Love You” and “God Bless”. All the volunteers were certainly blessed because the King sees all things and Jesus was looking down on everyone and smiling. That is the glory of God when light can begin to shine in a place that was otherwise dark, literally and figuratively.

~Jesse Williams



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