Tuesday, November 24, 2009

United Live!

What a weekend we had last week! For all of those who were able to attend United Live WOW! Thanks to the volunteers from Take It To The Streets bring out 20 plus volunteers way to represent! For those of you who were not able to attend, no worries because we are in the process of planning another event January 22nd 2010. I had the pleasure of busing in 10 kids from Ranger Rd that evening. They were so excited, you should have seen their face’s Zarion said “Man this is dope our church is got a Rap concert”, this was from a ten year old. The night was awesome it was like having a personal Rap concert for our family. The light stage and sound equipment was off the hook, and our very own Martha Martin did an incredible job painting the backdrop. Real and Sasha blew the roof of the Dream Center “Get it Get it”, and Pastor Ben laid down a powerful message.

It was so fun to see the kids personalities come alive as well as come together. Many of you have heard this story but as the concert came to a close the Take It To The Streets kids took over. They all rushed the stage as the DJ played their favorite song “Joyful Noise by Flame” it was as if they just drank 15 cans of Red Bull. All the volunteers crowed around the stage to cheer them on as De Angelo was stringing his air guitar, and Zarion was on the his back spinning is circles, Quan was sliding on the top of his head as his brother Jaleal was pulling a one handed handstand. There is no other word for this but “Freaking Amazing” I guess that is two words. As much time I have spent with these kids I had no idea how talented they were, it was as if we are watching an audition of So You Think You Can Dance. You could see the joy and disbelieve on all the volunteers faces. The kids absolutely loved it! The volunteers would cheer loader the kids would dance harder; we all knew that this night the kids would never forget. It wasn’t until thirty minutes after the concert had ended, all the other kids had left and most of the volunteers had gone that the DJ was wore out and had to stop the music and the TI2TS had to get off the stage. As I said before they were excited, almost to the point of madness. The kids insisted on not leaving so they for another thirty minutes they broke down the stage and wrap up the two thousand feet of cord and wires. It was an awesome privilege to witness this event and have a front seat in his glory and splendor.



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