Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take It To The Street Christmas Cards

Christmas should be a time for giving and enjoying quality time with family and friends, but all too often, it turns into a season of high stress and last minute panic gift buying. Why not do something totally different this year by giving charitable gifts to loved ones and close friends? A charitable donation is tax deductible, eco-friendly (no expensive wrapping paper required) and donations are also perfect as unique corporate gifts for clients. Make a donation on behalf of someone you love and we will give you a unique Christmas Card to give to that individual. Inside of the card will be a certificate letting that person know that you donated on their behalf and what their gift will be used for. For those of you out of state or away for the holidays we can mail you the card and envelope for you to address and mail out and for those of you who we all see on a regular basis you can request to get yours in person from Connor.

To purchase a Take It To The Streets Christmas Card click here.

$20.00 Sponsors one day of Neighborhood Fellowship = Door to Door meals and prayer for 30 families

$50.00 Sponsors one day of Children Sunday School = Transportation of 25 children to Church and all day activities

$100.00 Sponsors one day of Field Day = 50 children receive food, sports activities, crafts, worship and bible school

$200.00 Sponsors one student in Word On The Street Program = six week training course on resume building, interview skills, goal setting and 100.00 voucher for interview outfit

$500.00 Sponsors one Laptop for Mentor ship Program = After school mentorship program helps students with there homework and develops improved study skills as well as bible study and community building.


Connor McIntyre November 19, 2009 at 3:45 PM  

So far we have sold 20 cards of our 100 goal, that means there are only 80 left and we have only had them three days! Get them why they last......

Connor McIntyre December 2, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

Just hit our half way mark of 50, that means we only have 50 left to sell...... Merry Christmas!


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