Sunday, November 29, 2009

Garbage Day!

Garbage Day!

Group every once and a while you get to see a dream come true, this happened for me on Saturday. After the day and reflecting with Jesse we concluded that is was easily one of our top five Field Days of all time! So what did we do, well how about I tell you what we didn’t do first, we didn’t set up any chairs, we didn’t break out any games, we didn’t even prepare a lesson mainly because we didn’t know how the kids were going to respond. As the kids all arrived we gathered them in a circle and told them our plan. The plan for the day was to serve their community and pick up trash for one hour. We broke the kids up into teams of five with one volunteer per team. The teams left the field in multiple locations armed with bags, gloves and a determination that was unexpected.

I was leading the Ranger Rd team along with Jesse. Starting at the Watson’s house and heading North with Jaleal, Kateria and Katiasha we hit the ground running. What I hoped for happened, the kids were excited and even racing at times to pick up the garbage “that’s mine, he’s to fast”. Not only was it great to see the kids doing something for their neighborhood but to see the faces of their neighbors in disbelief was priceless. God opened so many doors for discipline on this day from being a good steward of one surroundings, to the poisoning effects of alcohol and cigarettes. At the end of the day I was so proud of the kids and better yet they were proud of themselves they looked, acted and were leaders in their community, leading from the front. God is good and no matter if I write this story 100 times it will never convey the beauty of this day.

Connor Mcintyre



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