Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Convoy Of Hope

This past Saturday Take It To The Streets partnered with 25 other organizations and 75 churches to help host this years Charleston Convoy of Hope. It was a very humbling experience. I literally felt like I was in another world all day as watched over 5000 of my fellow charlestonians come out seeking aid. Volunteers arrived at 7 a.m to start setting up for this all day event. Take It To The Streets worked with Guest Services all day to help those 5000+ people get in to the event in a timely fashion. We handed out water and drinks to people as they were waiting in line in 90 degree weather. Some of our volunteers handed out games to the kids to help keep them in good spirits and walked around blowing bubbles with them. Our volunteers walked around and talked with those waiting in line and helped direct them through the front gates as the received information on all the different offerings Convoy had to offer.

There was a tent for everything. One tent was offering free haircuts and giving hygeine products. Another tent was giving out free shoes and washing the feet of the guests. There was a tent for health services and screening complete with a free chiropratic check up. There was a tent for job services where employers from the low country came to help those in need find employment. There was an incredbible kid zone that was like a mini fair unto itself. The kid zone had jump castles, clowns, face painting, cotton candy, and so much more. There was live entertainment all day from music acts, to poetry readings, and even a wrestling for jesus ring. Perhaps the most important tent of them all was the prayer tent where 3000 bibles were handed out 4,500 people were prayed for and 300 people came to know Christ for the first time. Right now you should be saying Amen as you read this :D If you would like to see more pictures from the event please visit our website at or join us on facebook. If you have special God size moments from Convoy of Hope please share them in the comments section. Couldn't be everywhere at once and it would be nice to hear some of the ways God showed up.

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Connor McIntyre October 14, 2009 at 12:13 PM  

Convoy of Jesus!

You guys are servaholics it was a crazy awesome day. The Take It To The Streets gang was so enthusiastic about serving that they never wanted to leave! Convoy of Hope basically had to kick us out of there, over 4000 chairs and hundred tables (a half a semi trailer worth) of stuff got packed by our “Praise Warriors” only stopping when the rain came in. It was an honor to serve with all of you, I cant wait to next year!

One cool story that comes to mind happened at the end of the day as I was picking up the children and their parents. It was 2:00 p.m. 90 degrees everyone was exhausted and boiling . As we pilled everyone in the Van I remembered that Jesse told me that the fuel gauge wasn’t working correctly and “don’t let the van get below a half tank”. At that very moment when everyone got in the van and clunk clunk clunk curplunk! Van is now officially out of gas and I am parked right in the middle of the street with thousands of people trying to get out. My wife looks at me with this look (O NO), at that moment I start praying over and over again god please let there be enough gas in the fuel lines to get me to the gas station 1 mile away. I decided to pick up the phone and call Mike Waters, my wing man. As Mike picks up the phone I hear this voice from behind me say Connor there is a full canister of gas under my seat! My wife Rossie lets out a Praise Jesus then the entire van echo’s with a Praise Jesus, Amen. I had never seen this gas can before, and it was blowing my mind all I could do was smile. When we got to the gas station and started to fill up the van and gas can the kids were all standing around. As you could image I was still glowing from this whole ordeal. I said to the kids wasn’t that amazing, they looked at me funny (like what are you talking about) and said of course Jesus gave us the gas like there was no other explanation. I LOVE JESUS AND ALL HIS AWESOME WAY HE DISIPLES HIS CHILDREN!!!!!


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