Thursday, October 8, 2009

Children Lifting Up Children

This past Saturday Take It To The Streets finished our teaching series at Field Day on character building words. This week we gave the kids TI2TS bucks (which they get for good behavior and Christ like actions, that can be redeemed for ice cream or other items at the end of each month) that they had to give to someone else. Each kid had to give away his bucks to someone else for being nice or helping out in some way. The response to this was overwhelming. The kids could not say enough good things about their friends. In some cases they got annoyed that we did not have enough time for them to continue praising one another. The looks on their friends faces as they would lift each other up in praise was priceless. It was an amazing thing to witness and see the impact that we are making in the lives of these kids.

The days activities were also a blast as you can see from the pictures. Kevin and Jan Herr organized a relay race for the kids Double Dare style. After the first race there was a resounding cry of "Can We Do It Again" Thanks to Kevin and Jan for organizing last weekends activity from the pictures it is obvious that the kids had a blast. The full set of pictures can be seen on our Facebook page and I will be uploading them to our website soon. This Saturday there will be no Field Day as TI2TS will be supporting Convoy of Hope. More information on that can also be found on our webpage as well as Facebook or by googleing Convoy of Hope Charleston. I look forward to posting multiple stories from this weekends event as well lots of pictures for those who won't be able to make it.

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Connor McIntyre October 12, 2009 at 6:15 AM  

What a great way to close a series! At this time we are conducting parent feedback questionnaires to see if they were able to identify the improvement we were seeing on the field. We will also be asking for suggestions on areas we could improve and possible teaching topics. It has been an awesome privilege to see these children grow. I am also excited to share with each of you a new strategy for this fall to integrate the parents into field day. The idea is not for them to volunteer (we have an army of “Praise Warriors” as it is) but to build a community. We need suggestions for games/ activities/ bible studies/ community feedback forums for the parents to socialize and have fun with one another. The agenda for this is if the parents have a close relationship and are supporting the teaching of Jesus together then they will create a environment of growth for their children. We need all the fields of our children’s lives to be prepped and ready to harvest. So any of you reading this gets an idea or would like to head up this new ministry please contact me. This will be going on at the same time as field day at the same location. However it is also possible to use the JB center if this is more suitable.

Connor McIntyre


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