Thursday, January 28, 2010

Searching the Web can support your favorite charity.

Take It To The Streets is now partnered with Good Search a search engine with a conscious. Good Search takes a different business approach to searching the internet. Instead of spending large amounts of money on advertising and increasing the profit margin of the company it allows users to select a charity they want to support. Every time you enter in a search, pennies on the dollar are given to the charity. In the large scheme of things this may seem like nothing but your giving away that money anyway right. Google and Bing work the same way and every time you make a search on their page you are giving money to those organizations so why not help a Non Profit group instead. By taking two minutes of your time to add a search bar to your internet browser or change your home page from Google to Good Search you will be helping support a charity every time you are on the internet. The cost is nothing to you but it channels BIG Advertising dollars from corporate coffers such as Microsoft and Google into the hands of charity's that are working to change the world. Of coarse we would like to see you help our cause and you can now type in Take It To The Streets as a group you would like to support, however you can support multiple organizations through your searching. Since Good Search does not spend money on advertising it relies on its users to spread the word so that more charity's can be supported. You will find links both on this Blog and on our website to search through this group.

You can also shop online through Good Shop. Good Shop is portal to all the major online shops like Best Buy, Amazon, and Ebay. You can buy all your items from the same stores you always do but by going through Good Shops page rather then directly to the store the advertising money again goes to the charity's. A percentage of whatever is spent through the online sales goes to the charity of your choice. Think about how much time you spend online and how by spending a few minutes you can make a part of your daily habits a way to generate money that will help feed the poor, bring clean water to those in need, or support urban missionary work. Is a few minutes of your time to try a new site worth the impact you can have with no sacrifice required?

For those of you out there like myself who run solely on FireFox you have search bar built in at the top of the browser that lets you select which search engine you want to search from. Below is a link that will the add Good Search to that list so every time you use that search it will go through Good Search and save your favorite charity to your cookies.
Firefox Add-On
If you would like to add good search to your Internet Explorer options click here.

If you would like add good search to your Google Chrome options click here.

Good Shop

Good Search

Michael Waters
Web Graphics/Digital Media Designer


Monday, January 25, 2010

Blessing a Family

This week we had the privileged of being the instrument of God in blessing a family in need. Jamaal and Michelle who have five kids have been staying with a friend over off Wye Lane. With the birth of the newest member of their family Michelle is back at work and they have gotten their own place. However all of the furniture and household items at their previous residence belonged to someone else and they had nothing to move into their new house. In one weeks time God provided enough furniture to furnish their entire new home.

I would like to thank those who donated items and are still donating items. For those of you who could not be a part of moving the furniture in I hope the pictures can convey a small sense of what was done this day. Jamaal could not stop smiling and saying "God is good, yes he is". I would like to also thank everyone who helped pack a Uhaul full of this furniture and move everything in to their new home. At times it was some dirty work and it has been a week long process to get everything together. Everyday they wake up in their new home this family and their kids will have a constant reminder of God's love and an amazing example of the obedience of those he has called to serve him.

Jamaal will be attending the Take It To The Streets Education Program starting in Feb. These classes focus on resume building and goal setting and we also work to help every member who comes through the program find a job. The second greatest commandment we were given was to "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:30-21) and I know at this moment these neighbors feel loved. As they have friends and family over that love will be passed on. Their friends and neighbors will see, in their home the physical manifestation of the love of God carried out through his humble servants.

If you have donations you would like to make or be a part of more service projects like this please visit our website at and go to Contact Us.

HIS humble servant,

Michael Waters
Take It To The Streets
Web Graphics/Digital Media Designer


Friday, January 15, 2010

Burns Buddies

Group I am very proud to announce a new edition to the Take It To The Streets programs Burns Buddies. This program is a partnership with Trident United Way, Charleston County School District, Cummins & Take It To The Streets. The leadership group has been working on this partnership sense August of 2008 and has just recently underway. At this time the Take It To The Streets leadership team has been on the ground almost daily at Burns Elementary School meeting with teachers and students. We have also started building an independent website which will allow all agencies to show case this program to their constituents. As many of you are aware this school is directly across the street from the Take It To The Streets Family Field Day Field as well as it shares the parking lot with the JB center were we hold our Young Leader and Work On The Street Program. At this time we have identified several teachers that we are going to be partnering with from 1st to 5th grade. All of these classes currently have Take It To The Streets children enrolled in them. The kids are SUPER excited to see us in the school as well as having the opportunity to eat lunch with us. This partnership gives Take It To The Streets an unique advantage point to how the children are living out what they are being taught on Sundays. Often time the feedback provided by their teacher is the most detailed and impactful.

As it isn’t a surprise to many of you our Take It To The Streets children are struggling in school, some of which are three grade levels behind. There are numerous behavior issues and at time the kids can be known as a handful. I believe this is why God has put them in all of our lives, and it is obvious that they need his help to make it through these early childhood development years. At this time we are open to volunteers participating in the Burns Buddies program (Lunch and Learn 11:30 to 12:30 M-F). This program is not for beginner volunteers and all volunteers will be fully vetted prior to having access to the school. As you can understand this is a tremendous opportunity for both us and the children, God Bless and have a great day!




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