Sunday, November 29, 2009

Garbage Day!

Garbage Day!

Group every once and a while you get to see a dream come true, this happened for me on Saturday. After the day and reflecting with Jesse we concluded that is was easily one of our top five Field Days of all time! So what did we do, well how about I tell you what we didn’t do first, we didn’t set up any chairs, we didn’t break out any games, we didn’t even prepare a lesson mainly because we didn’t know how the kids were going to respond. As the kids all arrived we gathered them in a circle and told them our plan. The plan for the day was to serve their community and pick up trash for one hour. We broke the kids up into teams of five with one volunteer per team. The teams left the field in multiple locations armed with bags, gloves and a determination that was unexpected.

I was leading the Ranger Rd team along with Jesse. Starting at the Watson’s house and heading North with Jaleal, Kateria and Katiasha we hit the ground running. What I hoped for happened, the kids were excited and even racing at times to pick up the garbage “that’s mine, he’s to fast”. Not only was it great to see the kids doing something for their neighborhood but to see the faces of their neighbors in disbelief was priceless. God opened so many doors for discipline on this day from being a good steward of one surroundings, to the poisoning effects of alcohol and cigarettes. At the end of the day I was so proud of the kids and better yet they were proud of themselves they looked, acted and were leaders in their community, leading from the front. God is good and no matter if I write this story 100 times it will never convey the beauty of this day.

Connor Mcintyre


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

United Live!

What a weekend we had last week! For all of those who were able to attend United Live WOW! Thanks to the volunteers from Take It To The Streets bring out 20 plus volunteers way to represent! For those of you who were not able to attend, no worries because we are in the process of planning another event January 22nd 2010. I had the pleasure of busing in 10 kids from Ranger Rd that evening. They were so excited, you should have seen their face’s Zarion said “Man this is dope our church is got a Rap concert”, this was from a ten year old. The night was awesome it was like having a personal Rap concert for our family. The light stage and sound equipment was off the hook, and our very own Martha Martin did an incredible job painting the backdrop. Real and Sasha blew the roof of the Dream Center “Get it Get it”, and Pastor Ben laid down a powerful message.

It was so fun to see the kids personalities come alive as well as come together. Many of you have heard this story but as the concert came to a close the Take It To The Streets kids took over. They all rushed the stage as the DJ played their favorite song “Joyful Noise by Flame” it was as if they just drank 15 cans of Red Bull. All the volunteers crowed around the stage to cheer them on as De Angelo was stringing his air guitar, and Zarion was on the his back spinning is circles, Quan was sliding on the top of his head as his brother Jaleal was pulling a one handed handstand. There is no other word for this but “Freaking Amazing” I guess that is two words. As much time I have spent with these kids I had no idea how talented they were, it was as if we are watching an audition of So You Think You Can Dance. You could see the joy and disbelieve on all the volunteers faces. The kids absolutely loved it! The volunteers would cheer loader the kids would dance harder; we all knew that this night the kids would never forget. It wasn’t until thirty minutes after the concert had ended, all the other kids had left and most of the volunteers had gone that the DJ was wore out and had to stop the music and the TI2TS had to get off the stage. As I said before they were excited, almost to the point of madness. The kids insisted on not leaving so they for another thirty minutes they broke down the stage and wrap up the two thousand feet of cord and wires. It was an awesome privilege to witness this event and have a front seat in his glory and splendor.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take It To The Street Christmas Cards

Christmas should be a time for giving and enjoying quality time with family and friends, but all too often, it turns into a season of high stress and last minute panic gift buying. Why not do something totally different this year by giving charitable gifts to loved ones and close friends? A charitable donation is tax deductible, eco-friendly (no expensive wrapping paper required) and donations are also perfect as unique corporate gifts for clients. Make a donation on behalf of someone you love and we will give you a unique Christmas Card to give to that individual. Inside of the card will be a certificate letting that person know that you donated on their behalf and what their gift will be used for. For those of you out of state or away for the holidays we can mail you the card and envelope for you to address and mail out and for those of you who we all see on a regular basis you can request to get yours in person from Connor.

To purchase a Take It To The Streets Christmas Card click here.

$20.00 Sponsors one day of Neighborhood Fellowship = Door to Door meals and prayer for 30 families

$50.00 Sponsors one day of Children Sunday School = Transportation of 25 children to Church and all day activities

$100.00 Sponsors one day of Field Day = 50 children receive food, sports activities, crafts, worship and bible school

$200.00 Sponsors one student in Word On The Street Program = six week training course on resume building, interview skills, goal setting and 100.00 voucher for interview outfit

$500.00 Sponsors one Laptop for Mentor ship Program = After school mentorship program helps students with there homework and develops improved study skills as well as bible study and community building.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving in the Park

On Thanksgiving Day we will be partnering with Without Walls Ministry to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the community. Last year we helped out with this event and it was absolutely amazing. Over 200 people showed up to help show the love of Christ on this holiday. The event takes place from 9am - 1pm at Hampton Park downtown. Volunteers who wish to drive themselves can park at the Food Lion a few blocks away and walk to the event or we will be meeting at the field behind Alex's Restaurant on Dorchester Road and car pooling to the event. Volunteers need to be there early so the car pool will be leaving at 8 a.m. Please remember to wear your Take It To The Streets t-shirts, maybe over a long sleeve shirt as it might be a little chilly in the morning.

We are asking each volunteer to prepare one dish or desert to bring with them to the event. If you can make something please post a response so we know what we will be able to take and we can let Without Walls know. I will be making my special lemon based Turkey :D If you are unable to attend or can not prepare food and still like to help out you can make a finacial donation for the event please contact Connor Mcintyre at 843.614.2307. We will also be collecting warm clothes, gloves, blankets, etc between now and the event to give out to he community. If you have any of these items please bring them to Field Day any Saturday between now and the event or on the day of. As you can tell the weather is getting cold at night and your extra blanket collecting dust in a closet may serve as a constant reminder of the love of Christ for some individual.

More information can be found here
Directions to the event can be found here

Posted by Michael Waters


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bringing The Gospel: The Good News- a sneak preview

You may have seen this in email Form- but we are very proud of this News Letter: The first newsletter produced by an official News Letter Action Sub Team.

Praise God for all you are doing! All for the glory of God. Please share this blog with a friend and comment on anything you are thinking or that can be used to better our community and our world. Check out our web site at and let us know if you want a full news letter sent to you. We want to thank Mike Waters for his co-service to the Lord and our community- he has been diligent with his time and abilities.
Thanks, Jesse: A servant of the King.

Check out the full News Letter here

Posted by Jesse Williams


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Special Halloween Field Day

This past Saturday we held a special Halloween Field Day for the kids. The goal of the event was to provide a safe environment for the kids to come out in their costumes and trick or treat. The event may have gone off too well. Imagine 40-50 kids on a sugar high and you get the idea. The volunteers and kids alike showed up in costume and had plenty of activities to take part in. We had fishing for prizes as well as the classic boxes marked brains, eyeballs, and guts, of coarse filled with jell-o and grapes. There was face painting and costumes provided for the kids who did not have one of their own. We had treats to go around from pumpkin cookies to Halloween style donuts and of coarse plenty of candy.

The kids were given a safety lesson and safe trick or treating practices like letting your parents look through your candy first and don't eat candy that is already open. Along with the safety lesson was a biblical lesson with jack-o-lanterns. All of the kids got their very own kid size pumpkin and were shown how like making a jack-o-lantern Jesus first removes all the ick or sin from inside of us, then carves us in his image, and finally places the Holy Spirit inside of us to be a light to the rest of the world.



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